Comeragh CC Summer League 2019

Comeragh CC Summer League 2019


Comeragh CC’s Summer league will commence on Tuesday may 21st and run for 6 weeks.


Sign on:                                Carroll’s Cross

Time:                                     From 7.00pm

Start:                                     7.30pm

Price:                                     €5.00

License required:             Min Club Competition (No 1 day licenses available)

Open to Cycling Ireland license holders:

A1, A2, A3, A4, Under 16 & Limited Competition

Group 1                Club Competition

Group 2                A4/ Under 16

Group 3                A3/Junior

Group 4                A1/A2

  • The league is being run under Cycling Ireland rules
  • Riders may only ride in the group that is defined on his/her license
  • Time gaps are at the discretion of the organiser
  • Time gaps run on the first night maybe reviewed and adjusted after the first nights results
  • Riders must abide by the rules of the road at all times
  • Helmets compulsory – No Helmet/No ride
  • Riders must conduct themselves in good sportsmanship manner at all times
  • Rider & volunteer safety is our priority
  • The organiser can remove a rider from the league if rules are not adhered to.

As last year we ask for all riders, and spectators co-operation on a few matters, some which have been requested by the local Gardai;

    1. All riders participating with a race license must wear their race numbers at all races, those on Limited Competition licenses, numbers and pins will be provided on the night.
      No number/No race
    2. On completion of the event once a rider crosses the finish line they must follow the lead car and continue down to Carroll’s cross, no stopping, no u-turns. Please advise family members to follow you down to Carroll’s cross to take you home.
    3. All riders must be signed on this Tuesday by 7.20pm and must line up at the sign on area for a pre race briefing.
    4. Any rider wishing to leave a bag for the finish should leave it in the lead car for the race, Not in Sinead’s car as before. All bags can then be collected back at Carroll’s cross after the race has finished.
    5. No urinating in or around the vicinity of the Carroll’s Cross sign on.

2019 Comeragh League Races Rule Change

In an effort to meet the additional marshalling requirements imposed by Gardai all Comeragh Riders are expected to marshal 2 league races per season.  In order to eliminate the points disadvantage associated with this requirement the following applies to this and future editions of the league:

  1. All Comeragh riders are expected to marshal 2 league races per season
  2. Comeragh rider may arrange alternative cover for of these nights if arranged BY THE RIDER in advance with marshal coordinator
  3. For each league race that a Comeragh rider marshals (Up max 2 races) they will be awarded the average points they achieved in the league races they did actually ride
  4. Marshall points will be allocated after final league race based on average race points over entire league
  5. Points to be rounded to the nearest whole number for each marshaling night >/= 0.5 = rounded up nearest whole number, < 0.5 rounded down to nearest whole number.  In event of a tie the un-rounded number shall apply
  6. Marshaling schedule posted here


  • Comeragh Rider rides 4 races over entire league and scores 20 points.  Average (20 points ÷ 4 races) = 5 points
  • Same Comeragh Rider Marshals 1 race.  Therefore total points = 20 from races + 5 for marshalling night = 25 points total
  • Points awarded over 5 races in this instance
  • Same scenario, but rider marshals 2 nights then its 20 + 5 + 5 = 30 points total