Summer League Race Participants Please Note;

Summer League Race Participants Please Note;

Notification to all riders attending our summer league.
At the request of an Garda siochana please note the following.

All riders participating with a race license must wear their race numbers at all 5 remaining night, those on LC licenses numbers and pins will be provided on the night.
No number/No race

On completion of the event once a rider crosses the finish line they must follow the lead car and continue down to Carroll’s cross, no stopping, no u-turns. Please advise family members to follow you down to Carroll’s cross to take you home.

All riders must be signed on this Tuesday by 7.20pm and must line up at the sign on area for a pre race briefing.

Any rider wishing to leave a bag for the finish should leave it in the lead car for the race, Not in Sinead’s car as before. All bags can then be collected back at Carroll’s cross after the race has finished.

We appreciate your support in these additional requests which must be followed to allow the event take place.