Rider Profile: Rhys Kenny

Rider Profile: Rhys Kenny

Our most recent race winner, Rhys ‘have you seen the size of my trophy’ Kenny is next up on the chopping block for his rider profile;


I have been cycling since around 2011, but only joined the club in 2014. I started racing that summer but only really started taking it seriously from the start of last year. Among my highlights in cycling are the Errigal youth tour last year, and getting my first win recently at the Paddy Flanagan memorial in Kildare. I’m really looking forward to the Junior tour this year as all of my previous experiences in stage races have been positive. The field will be the best that I have competed against so far in my career and I’m looking forward to seeing what I can do against them.


Q1; What is your favourite Irish race and why?

RK: Visit Nenagh Classic , I think the course suits me quite well, and its well organised

Q2; What is your favourite race on the professional calender and why?

RK: Paris-Roubaix, no explanation needed

Q3; Who is your favourite current professional cyclist and why?

RK: Tom Dumoulin, just a legend after the giro this year

Q4; Who is your favourite retired professional cyclist and why?

RK: Jens Voigt, he raced with nothing to lose and never stopped fighting

Q5; What was the last book you read?

RK: Great Gatsby

Q6; What is your favourite movie?

RK: The Program (Lance Armstrong)

Q7; What kind of music do you listen to?

RK: Grime…

Q8; Any hobbies off the bike?

RK: Not much to be honest

Q9;  What are your expectations for the junior tour?

RK: Hopefully not too bad, but it’s going to be hard