Rider Profile: Conor Coleman

Rider Profile: Conor Coleman

Next up in our rider profile series featuring our participants in the upcoming Scott Junior Tour in the young man possibly responsible for the trend of strange socks within the junior ranks, Conor ‘N+1’ Coleman.


I am from Dungarvan and I started out doing the local kids league and thought it was easy so decided to go racing I learnt quickly it wasn’t easy, I’ve been racing since I was 15 and  joined Comeraghcc in 2016. My highlight of racing so far was getting to ride for the Irish youth academy in France.  To me the junior tour will be a challenge but sure if it was easy everyone would do it so by the looks of it I better close my eyes and pull like a dog.


Q1; What is your favourite Irish race and why?

CC;  The nationals, great race to spectate and is always open for anyone to win.

Q2; What is your favourite race on the professional calender and why?

CC; Paris- Roubaix, just so exciting to watch anything can happen.

Q3; Who is your favourite current professional cyclist and why?

CC; Esteban Chavez, he’s impossible not to like.

Q4; Who is your favourite retired professional cyclist and why?

CC; Fabian  Cancellara, the man was an all round legend he could win nearly anything.

Q5; What was the last book you read?

CC; The world of cycling according to G.

Q6; What is your favourite movie?

CC; Shawshank Redemption

Q7; What kind of music do you listen to?

CC; pop punk/pop rock like Paramore or Avril Lavigne I also like some Iron Maiden too.

Q8; Any hobbies off the bike?

CC; looking up bike stuff to keep my nickname of bikelopedia.

Q9;  What are your expectations for the junior tour?

CC; It will be great fun and a great experience to race with international riders to gain more skill and hopefully I will become a better bike rider because of it, also so I can brag in the future about doing it.