Rider Profile: Aaron Dillon

Rider Profile: Aaron Dillon

Little over a week to go now to when our junior riders travel to Co. Clare to line up for this years addition of the Scott Junior Tour. Today’s rider profile is my own young pup, the ‘climbing sensation’,  Aaron Dillon.


“I joined Comeragh Cycling Club in 2014, the same year I started cycling. I have raced each year since. I am very excited to represent Comeragh CC in the Junior tour. My major achievements are 2nd in the Silver pail GP in 2016, 5th in the Barrow-wheelers GP this Year and 4th in the De Ronde Classic just this Sunday gone.  It will be great to have my dad Colm managing one of our two teams also.”


Q1; What is your favourite Irish race and why?

AD;  Shay Elliott, this year, probably my favourite and at the same time least favourite races this year

Q2; What is your favourite race on the professional calender and why?

AD; Tour de France, because of how hard it is to win and how easy it is to lose.

Q3; Who is your favourite current professional cyclist and why?

AD;  Peter Sagan, he’s just cool isn’t he?

Q4; Who is your favourite retired professional cyclist and why?

AD;  Even though he isnt retired that long has to be Tom Boonen.

Q5; What was the last book you read?

AD; The Great Gatsby in school

Q6; What is your favourite movie?

AD;  The Dark Knight.

Q7; What kind of music do you listen to?

AD; Grime.

Q8; Any hobbies off the bike?

AD;  Play a bit of football with the lads.

Q9;  What are your expectations for the junior tour?

AD;  Well I expect to suffer for the the whole week, but to get up there in a stage would be class.